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25 Feb 2020


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Although I do not recognize myself as Catholic (rather Protestant) I do see the value of Lent, and although I do not “do Lent” every year, this year I’m going to go pescatarian for Lent. This I guess is my version of going a bit more Vegan / part-time Vegan which is becoming more popular. It is good to shake things up a bit now and then and who knows, you might discover something new or better to be doing.

Recently my wife and I tried the The Virgin Mary Bar which is an alcohol free on Capel Street and I rather enjoyed it. It was a nice change from a typical bar and I would recommend you try them sometime, why not, especially if you might be giving up alcohol for Lent?

Anyway, here is a little countdown to Easter šŸ™‚ why not share in the comments what you are giving up for lent or doing differently?

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