About Grinds

What is on offer?

I offer grinds at all levels and to all abilities. I’ve been giving grinds for years and years now and have really seen it all. I’ve delivered grinds to students in fifth class all the way up to students taking a Masters. If you need help getting ready for an exam, covering lessons you missed, getting help in a chapter you are lost in or maybe just looking for support to stay on top of Maths then please contact me and I’d be happy to help. I normally prefer to do 1 to 1 grinds although if you like group grinds (and rates) are available.

Also, I am offering Thesis and Data consultation services. Maybe you need some help with your statistics for your Masters or PhD? Or maybe you need a second opinion on your analysis (or indeed need some help getting started)! Well, I am here to help, be it, data analysis, running statistical tests, writing R code or even just helping you getting to grips with SPSS

Levels Available

  • Primary School — Fifth and Sixth Class
  • Secondary School — Junior Cert to Leaving Cert
  • University (Third Level) — Junior Freshman to Senior Sophomore
  • Fourth Level — Higher Diploma to Masters

Locations for Maths Grinds

  • Kildare, Athy
  • Dublin 8, South Circular Road
  • Online (via ZOOM) through-out the English speaking world 🙂 

Are Maths Grinds Right For Me?

Different students need Maths Grinds for different reasons, some students just need a few hours to prep for an exam at University or College. And some need ongoing weekly one-to-one Maths Grinds to help them through a class. While some students need to get over line and just about hit a D-grade and some are trying to get as high of a grade as they can (or need if they are looking at CAO points). So, grinds are right for you if you feel you that the only thing holding you back is some experience support and help. And with some help and guidance you can achieve your goal! Mostly importantly, if the student is unwilling to take advice and put in the work then I’m afraid grinds won’t help, being realistic and honest they are not a substitute for indifference and unmotivated attitudes.

Booking Maths Grinds

If you are looking for Maths Grinds, then drop me an email, or call me and I’ll see what I can do. My slots fill up quick so to avoid disappointment please contact me as soon as possible. Once Christmas comes along I’m unlikely to have any slots left from Christmas to the Summer, call or email early to avoid disappointment.

I have no availability for weekly grinds.

Please go to the Waiting List page.