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26 Jun 2019

Adventure Rooms Dublin

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So, myself and a bunch of teachers had a go of the Adventure Room in Dublin, the 5 of us attempted “The World Trip” room. We have heard of these escape rooms before and we thought it sounded rather interesting. Basically I would describe it a sort of Crystal Maze although much more interesting and difficult.

The premise is this, the group of you are locked into a room/rooms and have 1 hour to escape by solving puzzles. The rooms have a theme and story to them. But don’t worry, unlike the Crystal Maze, there isn’t a strength or dexterity element to the puzzles – so it really is suitable for most people. I won’t give any examples of the puzzles as this would be ruining it for anyone who wants to give it a go (like ruining the end of a movie). But I will say that they do make sense and it may take a few minutes to warm up and get into the mindset of the puzzle maker. And some of the puzzles would be picked up quicker by children so it really is family friendly too. It is sort of an in-real-life-video-game.

I don’t usually blog about things like this but it was so much fun and really got the logical problem solving part of your brained fired up – so surely it will help with your Mathematical studying šŸ™‚

PS: The puzzle maker is a Spanish Physics teacher – enough said! Oh and we did escape, just about in time with a little over 4 minutes left! And it was intense! šŸ™‚


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