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2 Mar 2020

Lidl Bananas

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Lidl sells bananas, no surprise. What drives me bananas though is that the non-organic bunch of bananas is wrapped in a plastic bag (I expected better from the Germans on green issues)! This is madness to me, I’ve been trying to reduce (at least a little) my use of plastic and one way I’m doing that is as follows: when someone or something is giving me a choice I’ll choose the non-plastic packaging. For example, if my takeaway meal comes with a 500 ml bottle of Coke then I’ll ask if I can have the 330 ml can. If oatmeal comes in either a paper 1 kg bag or a plastic 1 kg bag then I’ll opt for the 1 kg paper bag. This reduces my choices too, which is actually a good thing as research would suggest.

Back to Lidl, they sell organic bananas which have a small carboard strip around it and a non-organic bag which is wrapped in a plastic bag. Why? Why??? This is just madness. But I see this not just in Lidl. The 6-pack wrapped in plastic is another “bad example” of unnecessary packaging. Although I think the worst is Tesco. I recal seeing an apple, sliced into 8 pieces pushed back together as a whole (so like a pre-cut chocolate orange) packaged into a plastic cube. AAAhhhh!

Unless we send a signal i.e. by not buying these items with unnecessary packing (and it really is unnecessary) then we can’t expect the producer to change their practice.

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