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30 Jan 2021

What Happened to Question of the Day?

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So, I’ve being trying to do an interesting question per day in the hope that others will find the solution interesting or useful. However, considering some of my videos have 0 views, it would seem the answer is a no šŸ™‚ So, rather than continuing putting more months of work into this instead I’ll look at doing something else.

My plan is to look at techniques of solving problems, in particular minimizing the time taken to solve Maths problems or the number of steps. I guess you could say it is a sort of speed running. To be more precise a speed-run and a step-run. A speed-run is a technique to reduce the total time and a step-run is a technique to reduce the total number of steps. I’m trying to think of what the ground rules could be. I’m thinking the following would be good ground rules.

  1. Questions must be typical Junior Cert or Leaving Cert Maths questions
  2. Calculator used must be approved for these exams
  3. Calculators can have pre-programed formulas in them
  4. The formula book can be used
  5. Basically, what is permitted for the exam is permitted for the speed- or step-run.

Let’s see how this goes. The list of approved Casio calculators (my favorite) is below.

I’ll be using the Casio fx-82ES in my videos. I think I’ll make my first video on Factorizing Quadratics.



It would seem this too is not generating much interest, perhaps an alternative to studyclix would be more useful to students? šŸ™‚ That’s what I’ll do next.

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